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Resistance takes many forms.

31 entries. 317 pages. 15 pieces of original art and over 80,000 words. Available for a minimum price of $1. All profits go to The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Featuring artwork, stories and poetry by

  • Aaron Yeung
  • Allison Thai
  • Amy Fontaine
  • Artpathie
  • BeatleNumber9
  • Carlos Ruzza
  • Cassandra Aponte
  • Claire Count
  • Craig J. Clark
  • Doruk Golcu
  • Earl Carrière
  • Gullwulf
  • H. Bryant
  • Howlitzer
  • JD Laclede
  • Juan C. Moreno
  • K. Pease
  • Kit Ulf
  • Laura "OC" B
  • Lew “Viergacht” Delport
  • Lucian Stephenson (Mister Lucian)
  • Mary E. Lowd
  • Michael Mayak
  • Michelle Osgood
  • Mottenfest
  • Nathanial "LeCount" Edwards
  • NightEyes DaySpring
  • nothere
  • Quebecoiswolf
  • soph parsons cope AKA soufex!
  • Spider Costello
  • Tandye Rowe
  • Televassi
  • Van Weasel

The only things that suck worse than vampires are fascists.

This issue is called “Werewolves Versus: Fascism” because there’s not enough room on the cover to call it “Werewolves Versus: Oppressively Authoritarian and Nationalistic Systems of Government and Social Organization”. It’s being published at time when there are prominent public figures around the world who are implicitly or directly linked to fascistic behaviour.

The stories, poems and images in this issue were created in response to that state of affairs. Most of the entries explore subject matter that is consequently dark and violent, but they were made by people who want to turn those bad vibes into positive action.

Every dollar of profit generated by this issue through 2023 will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit organization in America that combats hate, intolerance and discrimination through education and litigation. If you discover this issue after 2023, it will be free, but I encourage you to donate to SPLC anyway (assuming the planet is still around).

This issue does not portray or advocate for violence against real, living people. Such material is contrary to the generally positive outlook of Werewolves Versus and its goal of sharing great werewolf content.

Release date May 09, 2017
AuthorAngela Quinton
TagsArt Book, zine


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